Gearkeepers 01- Cracks & Breaks HD

Scappo's Temple of Coom
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Cracks and Breaks is the first module of the "Gearkeepers" chain of comics which revolves around the "nuts and bolts" of the entire Keepers operation. Somebody's gotta keep the motorpool running and maybe have a little fun on the side!

Jasper and Kaila are currently the only other two members of Tsenaya's maintenance crew, but while they're comfortable taking "breaks" together, they're not so sure about their royal-blooded jackal colleague, Tsenaya.

Watch Kaila and Jasper's antics as they attempt to both do their jobs while having the occasional fling, while balancing an awkward relationship with a princess-turned-wrench slinger!

NSFW/18+ Adult content. This pack contains  two complete comics in full HD resolution, along with WIP files. 

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